A five-year old girl

Spinning around in a chiffon dress

Waving her wand up and down

Grants wishes to the ants and butterflies

Falls down, dizzy with emotion


She stares at the black heavens above

A fishbowl of swimming stars

Finding constellations

Indian warriors and goddesses

She connects the dots on Orion’s belt

And makes a wish.


Twenty years later

Spinning around in a satin dress

In her tiny dorm room

Grants wishes to stuffed animals

Falls down, overwhelmed by emotion.


She opens the window, her midnight routine

Star-studded opal skies

Finds her Bellatrix

Stretches out her hand
Traces her fingers

Slowly across Orion’s belt

And sighs in resignation


But there he is

A long-forgotten wish, put aside for a rainy day

He’s all that little girl imagined

A tangible incarnation of vague princess dreams

She finally learns what “happiness” means

It’s in his eyes, his gaze, his scent, his kiss

The way he says her name

The way he caresses her with gentle touch

The way forever is not enough


She lives each day, blessed by his grace

Enamored by that perfect face

Puts aside mortal fears

Treasures each moment he is near.


She swears, sometimes she can see his wings.


Thinking of you now, how one glance makes me weak

Thinking of those eyes, that crinkle when you speak

Thinking of that voice, that pulls me in a daze

And lands me on a cloud, of pink-and-poppy haze


Before I ever met you, it was always touch-and-go

But sometimes it just takes a moment for your heart to know

That somehow it was waiting for its missing piece

To set the shackles of doubt free in permanent release


Now forgive me in advance for my trite clichés

Yet in the stormiest of days, you came drifting by my way

Anchoring me down despite the calamity

Bringing me moments of undeniable clarity


In you I learned how my soul could feel

Is this my real life? With you it’s surreal

In just a few days, I felt too much far too fast

In bittersweet surrender that Frost warned us won’t last


Yet in these waking moments when hope delays the dust

I put aside such cynicism and try to run on trust

Trust in the credence of our Christian brother Paul

Who taught us to always live with hope inside our souls


Hope—it is there each time that you smile

Love—it is you, with your sheer lack of guile

Faith—it dwells in me, yet hidden from sight

Warmth—it’s your voice, as you whisper “Goodnight.”


Kindness—it’s how you treat the people you love

Courage—to change when push comes to shove

Patience—in every second you deal with my Self

Understanding—that lay my melancholia to rest on a shelf


Candor—it exudes from each of your honey-soaked words

No matter how bold or seemingly absurd

Purity—it’s in the way you talk and you act

Truth—is I love you (and that is a fact).


With virtues to extol you, I could go on forever

Yet in this verse tis not my endeavor

I’m simply too exhausted to think or to rhyme

To struggle to set “verses to time”


All I wanted to say, though words mockingly flee

Is that I’m so into you, whole-soul-and-heartedly

I’m jumping into you like a reckless young child

Headfirst, no helmet, naïve, and puerile


Tell me everything I never knew I wanted to hear

Tell me I’m your Darling, as you pull me near

So, take care of me now, and maybe til I die

Make me yours and tell me you’re miner

Those three little words

Have never rung as true

Nor as effortlessly sonorous

As when they come from you


We turn the music up

And I’ve never felt so free

You pull me close to you

And guide me, tenderly


I’ll never forget that day

I woke to French toast in bed

I wondered how I got so lucky

Not to mention, those things you said


That you would marry me

Make me laugh every day

Make it so I can’t forget

Shove all my doubt away


I was never one for smoking

But with you, it feels so right

We’re simply loving and joking

With ice cream at midnight


Remember the first time I met you?

When I was too nervous to look in your eyes

Remember the first time you touched me?

The sparks, what a pleasant surprise.


Remember the following day?

One of my favorites yet

Speeding down old country roads

Meeting your family and pets


But how did that even happen?

Did it really all start with a Game?

Was it just God’s way of bringing you to me?

After you, I am just not the same.


You made me feel like a treasure

A diamond or some precious gem

Just one glance from you

And I couldn’t care less about “them”


It’s crazy how nothing else matters

I only want to be by your side

To love you and be loved by you, forever

In nothing would I take more pride


You lifted me out of a stupor

Of confusion, doubts, and shame

And pulled me toward you and your splendor

And now, I can’t escape from your name


That monosyllabic perfection

That I cannot exorcise from my mind

The timbre of that manly voice

To be cliché, the stars finally aligned


The slope of your nose, the curve of your lips

The gleam in your eyes, the lines of your jaw

The breadth of your chest, the strength of your hands

Of your perfect physique, I’m simply in awe


And when you draw near me

I draw a deep breath

Nothing can irk me

I’m laughing at Death


With you, faith—once elusive—comes too naturally

In divinity, destiny, or as some call it, “fate”

You’re more than a lover, more than a friend

You’re my Darling, my Hope, my long-awaited soulmate.

Hey there, my love

Let’s make our lives a fairytale

A twisted one, mind you

But a fairytale nonetheless.

You can be the evil prince

With a heart of gold

But a temper that explodes

I’ll be your damsel in distress

Who desperately wants to save you

As much as she desires to be rescued

From hidden, inner demons


So come on dear,

Tell me I’m pretty

The fairest of them all

Please stop the wandering eyes

We have something magical

Lustful yet romantic

It’s okay if we feel hate and rage

Jealousy and insecurities

We are in this together


So look into my empty eyes

Yours are empty too,

But both of ours, they shine

With desire, with love

So hold me in your arms

Tell me you’ll be mine and we’ll live

Passionately ever after.

We’ll ride off into the sunset

in your fast blue mustang

Never looking back

at such ordinarily lives.




What do you think of, up in your room?

You must have memorized every corner

of the walls

every chip in the wallpaper

or do you pay these worldly things no heed?

do you gaze out the window?

do you wonder how the fresh grass

feels- the morning dew between your

toes- inhale deep the summer soil

immersed in Mother nature’s garden.

instead of writing, do you ever long to drop

the pen and live?

do you wonder how a lover’s touch

would feel? or is that too much sin?


You know the children love their aunt

like an angel dressed in white

they wish they had some more of her

than glimpses from the attic.

you rarely see full sunlight

rarely feel the night’s cool wind

and hail and all the elements,

beating hard upon your skin


You never saw a sunset, sitting without walls

never got caught in a rainstorm

laughing in drenched clothes 

don’t you want to feel firsthand

the lightning, thunder, thrills?

would you laugh with joy and squeal,

or get scared and praying, kneel?


For although you write poetic

on themes like God, death, love

I promise you the real world

will stimulate your blood

and once your lungs breathe the wet air

and your tongue tastes a blade of grass

you’ll glance up at your window

through the other side of  glass

and smile to yourself, so glad you took the chance

and though you may not stray too far

you’ll always take the long way back




Today, a day like any other 

the dark grey sky starts to blacken 

as rain spitters

and splatters

like an ominous beat

i look out the window

sigh and think


my body shivers at the thought

of a second out,

let alone a walk

past the drugstore

past the lights

past all the noise


to my delight

just thinking of his handsome face

puts me in a better place

the sky takes on a deeper pink,

i quicken my pace,

and with every step i take

my mood gets lighter

takes off some weight


cause soon I’ll be with my best friend

like a tailor, my problem’s he’ll mend

with a needle, or without

being with him is what it’s all about

and when i’m bored or want to die,

he patiently listens to me whine

and never tells me to just shut up

chill out and just not give a fuck


he lets me rant and soon i feel better

laying with him, better than any sweater

and as we watch tv and lay

i close my eyes–a perfect ending to a bad day

i feel so blessed to have this friend

through thick and thin, and back again




some more coffee


-no wait, a little sugar

i need some energy

my tank is running empty

but my mind is full

of doubts and fears

that eat away my fat

pound by pound

eat it all away

til there is nothing but perfection left.


Bones are harmless, safer

than thoughts.

I’ll be graceful and light

like a ballerina in a music box

trapped and only stopping

when the music stops

and the dirt is sprinkled

pink roses thrown on top

but that morbid’s in the future

how i can just be, be thin, be pure, be less

be anywhere but here

so give me a deep kiss

i need some reassurance

but the only thing that comforts me

in that one teaspoon of sugar



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